10 Best Cargo Bar for Pickup Trucks – (Review Guide)

Best Cargo Bar For Pickup Trucks

Cargo bar contains a ratchet device that locks in a place, and the user can easily adjust the length of the bar to secure it tightly. It is used in pickups, vans, and semi-trailers, etc., for protecting cargo while traveling.

As a truck owner, you must know that your truck bed gets disorganized quickly, and you don’t have much time for constant organization. While driving, you take a sharp turn and hear the clang, and then you find out that all your truck bed gets disorganized again. It is a bad thing.

Anyway, to secure your cargo, a cargo bar is an essential accessory that helps you to arrange your truck bed at all times. In addition, the cargo bar enables you to get rid of all sorts of problems like this in your truck bed.

There are several types of cargo bars available in the market, but I want to share some reviews of mine to select the right one for your truck. In my opinion, a cargo bar should be easily adjustable, durable, cheap, and made with high standards.

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list of 10 best cargo bars for pickup trucks :

There are 10 best cargo bars for pickup trucks which I highly recommend regarding their specifications.

1- Keeper 05059 Ratcheting Cargo Bar:

Keeper 05059 ratcheting cargo bar is the best solution for truck pickup and passenger vehicles. It is a  cargo management bar for pickups that never let you down if you always transport lightweight cargo.


Keeper cargo bar is finely made up of steel.

  • Adjustable from 40 upto 70 inches
  • Provide security for lightweight cargo management & weighs only 4 pounds
  • Pocket friendly product
  • Rubber pads grip
  • Resist corrosion and unpredictable weathers
  • Easily adjust in most of the truck’s bed
  • Don’t use it for heavier cargo jobs


Keeper cargo bar is a durable product but doesn’t consider it for heavier stuff because it can be damaged while carrying heavy cargo.

2- Heininger-4016 Heavy Duty Cargo Bar:

Heininger cargo bar is specially made up for big trucks. This is one of the best cargo bars for handling heavier stuff. In addition, it is strong enough to handle any load.


Heininger cargo bar is manufactured from a solid steel alloy.

  • Expandable from 59 to 73 inches
  • Its weight is almost 10 poundsĀ 
  • Heavy duty ratcheting system
  • Rubberized feet, which prevents slippage and scratching truck bed.
  • Yellow zinc and black powder finish to resist the harmful elements.
  • It can be hard to setup


Heininger 4016 cargo bar is best for current trucks as RAM 2500 Ford F-250 and such. Moreover, the cargo bar is made up of excellent quality material. While before buying, also consider that its weight is 10 pounds that means it can be difficult to setup than lighter ones.

3- Rees Exolore Cargo Bar 1390600:

Reese explore cargo bar is another competent brand to consider when looking for the best cargo bar for your pickup truck. It has a pretty right length, allowing you to accommodate various cargo sizes in the truck bed.

Before purchasing, you have to consider that Reese cargo bar is a lightweight tool; it means that it can be fragile. So, in my opinion, you can only use it for your day-to-day activities.


Its bar is constructed from steel and also has rubberized ends.

  • Adjustable from 40 to 70 inches
  • Cushioned pad for extra grip
  • Tool-free installation
  • Light-weighted item of 3.7 pounds
  • Least expensive tool
  • Progressive tightening is needed


Before buying, you have to consider that Reese explore cargo bar demands progressive tightening but be careful while tightening because its ratchet can get damage.

4- The Rapid Ratchet Cargo Bar for Pickups, SUVs, and Vans:

Rapid Ratchet cargo bar works well in holding stuff to the end of the truck bed. This is the best cargo bar with much flexibility. It can support cargo like storage bins, tools, dog crates, cooler, paint, and gas cans.


It is made of zinc plated steel to prevent rust.

  • Made up of steel alloy.
  • Weighs round about 4 pounds, easy to carry.
  • Fast and Easy to install.
  • Zinc-plated steel rod to prevent rust.
  • Cargo Bar adjustable from 40 to 70 inches.
  • Strong steel cargo bar for pickup trucks, vans, and SUVs.
  • It can have some setup problems.


Rapid ratchet cargo bar is one of the best cargo tools, while you might have some fixing problems with it. It cannot fix appropriately in passenger vehicles until you find some support braces to hold it in place. On the other hand, it can handle heavier stuff.

5- Keeper 05060 Ratcheting Cargo Bar with Storage Net:

Keeper 05060 is the best cargo bar with a storage net. It is a unique unit; I review this here due to its extra feature, having a storage net. So you can carry your groceries, sports equipment, and other items instead of hanging them with you.


Keeper 05060 cargo bar with steel and also have rubber grip pads.

  • Made up of steel.
  • Adjustable anywhere from 40 to 70 inches.
  • Large rubber grip pads which provide safety to truck bed sides
  • UV resistant and built for unpredictable conditions.
  • Net allows additional space and security.
  • Available at a low price, a budget friendly product.
  • Not too long for the current GMC.


Keeper 05060 Cargo Bar is the best cargo tool that works efficiently and is made up of thick material. While it is not long enough for GMC Sierra, but a pocket friendly cargo bar for other truck owners.

 6- Shippers Supplies Steel Cargo Pickup Truck Bar:

Shippers Supplies Steel cargo bar is one of the best cargo bars with a breeze ratcheting system. It has the best locking system instead of a ratchet device. It is effortless to use without any risk of pinching your finger.

Moreover, it is available in two sizes, i.e., compact and full size, which are most suitable for any pickup truck. Shippers cargo bar adjusts easily in RAM 1500, RAM 3500, Silverado, SUVs, and Vans. It is a strong cargo bar for holding heavier cargo.


Shippers Supplies Steel Cargo Pickup Truck Bar is a strong bar made up of solid steel tubing.

  • Two different sizes; Compact: 50-65 inches and Full size: 59-73 inches
  • Fits most of the truck’s bed.
  • Strong rubber feet grip to keep the bar in place.
  • Bar has a breeze ratcheting mechanism.
  • Never rattle while in motion.
  • Made from heavy steel tubing.
  • Compact size is not worthy.


Before purchasing, you should have to be very careful about the exact size of your truck bed. But, at the same time, it is an affordable and heavy duty cargo bar for pickup trucks.

7- US Cargo Control Ratcheting Cargo Bar:

US cargo bar is an excellent choice for small trailers, minivans, SUVs, and pickups. It is easy to install; use your finger to open the ratchet fully, extend as much you need, tighten the ratchet and use the finger release again to lock the ratchet. So probably, it is not much difficult to use. However, US cargo control bar weighs more than other cargo bars (around 4.1 pounds) which means it’s a heavy duty cargo bar.


Us Cargo Control Ratcheting Bar is also made of the same material, i.e., steel rod and non-slip rubber pads.

  • Adjustable anywhere from 40 to 70 inches
  • Great for tonneau covers
  • Weighs around 4.1 pounds
  • Ensures durability for your most demanding jobs.
  • Rubber feet for solid grip
  • One way of pivoting that reduces slippage.
  • It can be short for current Silverado, GMC, and Chevy Trucks.


This product is best for pickup trucks but can be short for currents GMC, Silverado, and such trucks due to their wide bed.

8- Discount Ramps Apex Cargo Bar:

Discount Cargo Var has a spring-loaded ratchet that has a handle to lock it. The cargo bar is perfectly made with steel to enhance its durability. Cargo slippage and shifting are prevented by rubber ends grip.


Discount Cargo bar is constructed with steel which is powder coated for extra protection.

  • Easy to install.
  • Adjustable from 40 to 70 inches.
  • Prevent bar slippage and shifting by a rubber grip.
  • Spring loaded adjustable ratchet.
  • Powder coated steel for durability.
  • Fits most of the truck’s beds.
  • Can be challenging to get release.


You have to be careful while tightening the ratchet. Otherwise, this is a perfect item for day-to-day activities.

9- US Cargo Control Round Tube Load Bar:

US Cargo round tube bar is specially made for semi-trailers and enclosed van trailers. This cargo bar has excellent length for large-sized trailers. This ratcheting bar allows you to use a friction fit design to lock the cargo bar. The minimum length of the cargo bar starts from 89.5 inches. It is not manufactured for small size pickups, SUVs, and vans.


US Long Tube Cargo Bar is made from durable steel and has rubber feet to adjust it in place.

  • Expandable from 89.5 to 104.5 inches.
  • The weight of an item is around 12 pounds.
  • Made for heavy-duty with durable steel.
  • The ratchet mechanism is too simple.
  • Ratchet release by pressing the silver button on it.
  • Not for small SUVs, minivans, and pickups.


This is a great cargo bar for semi-trailers and enclosed van trailers. It is the best choice if you have the largest size truck.

10- Rage Powersports Cargo Bar:

Rage Powersports cargo bar is the best cargo bar for pickup trucks and SUVs to transport cargo safely. The cargo bar has rubber ends that can attain a secure grip on any surface. It is finely made with heavy-duty steel.


Rage Powersports is constructed from a steel alloy.

  • Adjustable from 60 to 72 inches.
  • Rubber ends grip for security.
  • 1.25 D inner bar and 1.5 D outer bar.
  • Perfect for medium-size pickup trucks.
  • Two different sizes are available.
  • Don’t rattle on bumpy roads.
  • Rage Powersports never fits a full-size truck.


This cargo bar is made with high standard material, and it has no issue with installation in pickup trucks or SUVs.

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