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Adventure is a great way to get away from your daily life stress and to take a breath in peace. An adventure never needs a season, but it depends on your mood. However, everyone loves to explore nature for the peace of his mind and get rid of depression. Truck camping with tents and mattresses is the most exciting experience to do. While camping, you should have to know about the right camping accessories for your convenience. Camping on a truck bed is much easy and thrilling than camping on the ground.

Moreover, ground camping can be expensive, less comfortable, problematic during rainy days, and also you have to buy the right camping equipment. Instead of this, truck camping is a cheap and much better idea for pickup truck owners. Before going camping with a truck, you should have to know about certain things. And Toyota Tacoma truck bed tent is one of them. If you are an owner of Toyota Tacoma, I am sure that this article will guide you a lot.

How to choose the Best Toyota Tacoma Truck Bed Tent?

When you visit a market to buy the best truck bed tent for Toyota Tacoma, you’ll get confused because they offer you a wide range of structures and designs. So, you must have to keep these key points in mind to select the right one.

Here are some specifications of truck bed tents you must have to know.


Numerous types of designs are available in the market that can extend more than a truck bed and give more space in a small area.


Truck bed tents should have a great roof to protect from sunlight, rain, harsh weather, etc.


You must have to buy a heavy-duty tent made of nylon and polyester for tough and rough use.

The truck bed tent should construct of fire-resistive material.

The poles of the tent are made of steel and aluminum material which gives strong support.


Take proper measurements of your Toyota Tacoma bed to save your time and money.


Most of the Toyota Tacoma tents come with a zip window for proper ventilation.


Easy installation will also save your time.

Now, you just have to follow the key points, and you can efficiently find out the best truck bed tent for your Toyota Tacoma. For your convenience, I give a detailed review on the 10 Best Toyota Tacoma Truck Bed Tents so you can buy the right one without wasting your time and any hesitation and then go for a great adventure.

1- Napier Backroadz Truck Tent for Toyota Tacoma:

Napier Backroadz Truck Bed Tent is specially designed for trucks equipped with a toolbox or bed liners. This truck bed tent has multiple size variations as well as it perfectly fulfills the customer demands. This truck bed tent fits Toyota Tacoma, Silverado, Chevrolet, and in Ford F150.

In addition, the best feature of the Napier Backroadz Truck tent is that it comes with a floor attached to it which means it can also use as a ground tent. This floor act as a safety layer between your bedding and truck’s dust. So, you can just keep it in the back rack of your truck for all planned and unplanned adventures.


Napier Backroadz Truck Tent is made of Taffeta. Taffeta is a lustrous silk-like fabric with a crisp texture. In addition, the poles of the tent are made up of fiberglass.


  1. It comes in numerous sizes ranging from a 5.5ft full short sized bed, while in Toyota Tacoma, a compact regular bed of 6.1ft or compact short bed of 5.1ft can easily fit.
  2. There are 2 mesh windows and a large entrance for proper ventilation.
  3. Its assembly consists of color-coded poles and sleeves and can be set up only in 10 minutes.
  4. A sewn in the floor is present, which protects from dust and small crawling creatures.
  5. The weight of the item is almost 8 pounds.
  6. The tent has a gear loft, gear pocket, and lantern holder for good organization of your stuff.
  7. The central height of the tent is 58 to 62 inches, and the tent has a large interior area.
  8. The special feature of the tent is that it has full rainfly coverage and has storm flaps in the window.
  • Offers enough space for 2 adults.
  • Strom flaps and rainfly give extra protection from unpredictable weather.
  • Set up just in 10-minutes.
  • Comes in varying sizes.
  • Additional sewn floor protection.
  • It can be used for camping, fishing, and various outdoor activities.
  • Made up of waterproof material.
  • Be careful while setting poles because poles are not strong enough.

2- Right line Gear Truck Tent for Toyota Tacoma:

Rightline Gear Truck Tent is a unique floorless design that allows setup without removing any luggage from the truck bed. In addition, the truck tent is tough enough to bear heavy rain and storm or wind. This truck bed is made of durable fabric that endures extreme weather conditions. Moreover, it is very easy to install and does not demand progressive tightening.


Rightline Gear Truck Tent is made up of water-resistant fabric, which is tape-sealed seams.

It also has heavy-duty propylene straps and nylon buckles for holding the tent in a place.


  1. The truck tent has a unique floorless design that does not require removing anything from the truck bed when you set the camp up or take it down.
  2. The nylon buckles and propylene straps in the tent do not damage the finish of the truck.
  3. The weight of the tent is around 7.33, which means it is not heavy.
  4. The installation process of the tent is much simple.
  5. The truck tent has 2 gear pockets to keep mobile, torch, and your personal things.
  6. The material of the camp is fully waterproof to keep you dry in rainy weather.
  7. There are mesh windows and sky vents for proper ventilation.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Compatible for 2 people.
  • The manufacturer offers 1-year warranty against any damage.
  • Water-resistant fabric is used.
  • Floorless design.
  • 5.5ft truck tent fits perfectly in Toyota Tacoma 2014-2019.
  • Buckles and straps do not damage the truck finish.
  • Use of rainfly is optional.
  • Available in various sizes.
  • The quality of zippers is awful.

3- Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent:

Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent provides you a fast and comfortable shelter when you plan for a trip or picnic. This is a durable and compact size truck tent. If you have never done camping before, you must have to try this, and I am pretty sure that you’ll love this product. This truck tent is very easy to install with only 4 poles.


The truck tent is made of polyester and has polyethylene flooring (polyethylene is a plastic polymer).


  1. The weight of the tent is almost 10 pounds and holds the maximum capacity of 2 persons.
  2. The tent fits perfectly 5.5ft truck bed and is available in two colors, i.e., blue and grey.
  3. It fits in Toyota Tacoma 2004,2007,2014, and 2018. Moreover, it also adjusts in Silverado 1500 Crew Cab, RAM 1500, F150, Chevy, etc.
  4. The length of the tent is 79-81 inches and has a sewn in flooring with a large interior area having 4.75 of headroom.
  5. Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent has 2 carrying bags for extra storage and provides a comfortable shelter.
  6. It has a full rainfly to keep you dry and act as extreme weather resistant.
  7. The Guide Gear Truck Tent comes with shock-coded and tension straps which anchor the tent to the truck.
  • Proper ventilation system.
  • Water resistive fabric is used for unpredictable weather
  • Much easy to set up
  • Sewn-in flooring for extra protection
  • 2 storage pockets
  • Fits most of the compact truck beds.
  • Zippers are not of much worth.

4- Napier Sportz Compact Truck Tent:

Napier Sportz Compact Truck Tent efficiently fits in Toyota Tacoma. It creates a comfortable space in the bed of your truck while your camping adventures. Napier Enterprises also launch the Sportz truck tent model for compact size pickup truck models, i.e., Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, Toyota Tacoma, GMC Canyon, Sonoma, Isuzu Hombre, Nissan Frontier, and Colorado.


Sportz truck tent is made of polyester taffeta and polyester oxford, which are durable, elastic, not easy to deform, waterproof, and UV resistive materials.


  1. The maximum height of the tent is 68 inches or 5.6ft and has a spacious interior for up to 2 persons.
  2. The tent has a rear access door from which you can get access to Tacoma’s cab.
  3. The poles and sleeves are color-marked for easy installation.
  4. There are 2 mesh windows and a large door entrance with full rainfly and storm flaps for protection against unpredictable weather.
  • A sewn-in floor design 
  • Built for compact size flatbeds
  • Color-marked poles for easy setup
  • A rear access door to the cab
  • Proper ventilation
  • No warranty offered by manufacturer

5- Hasika waterproof Double Truck Tent:

Hasika truck tent has a unique feature of double layered fabric which makes it worthier than any other item. In addition, it is completely waterproof and specially built for mid-size truck beds like Toyota Tacoma.


Hasika truck tent is made of double layered polyester, and its poles are built of steel and fiberglass.


  1. Hasika truck tent fits perfectly in 5.5-5.8ft. 
  2. Compatible for 2-3 people.
  3. Has a 5.6ft of headroom, a large interior for occupancy of 3 persons.
  4. The rear access panel, mesh windows, and side vents allow great ventilation.
  5. Item package consists of 1 inner & 1outer cover, 4 fiberglass poles, 2 iron poles, 1 carry bag, and a light reflection rope.
  6. Double layers of good quality polyester make it more water-resistive.
  • It can be used for any kind of season.
  • It has an additional awning of 5X6.5, which provides a large shade.
  • A tent with extra awning and sewn-in floor.
  • Excellent compatibility and easy to set up.
  • It weighs 10.46 pounds, a little bit heavier than other products.
  • Great quality guaranteed.
  • It never fits large-size truck beds.

6- Qucitent Waterproof Truck Tent:

Qucitent truck tent is another competent brand in the market. The best feature of this tent is its removable awning which provides a large shade for camping tables, kids, your luggage while comping. Moreover, it keeps you out of the rain and can be removed when not in use. Unfortunately, this truck tent is a little bit heavier than the other ones.


Qucitent Waterproof Truck Tent is constructed from water-resistive fabric with tape-sealed seams.


  1. This truck tent can be set up quickly if you follow the manual instructions present in the package exactly.
  2. It provides enough space for 2 adults and has a 63 inches headroom.
  3. The tent easily fits in a 5.5-5.8′ truck bed, i.e., Toyota Tacoma, Dodge RAM 1500, 2019 F150, Chevy Colorado, GMC Sierra, and much more.
  4. This brand provides a 2-year warranty for parts replacement.
  5. A fully-sealed floor provides a comfortable and safe environment.
  6. The weight of the item is 12 pounds.
  • Best product for camping, hiking, and fishing.
  • 2000mm water-resistive fabric.
  • Quick and easy assemble unless you properly follow instructions provided with the package.
  • Offers plenty of space.
  • Made of strong material.
  • A little bit confusing to set up due to color-coded poles.

7- Mid Size Truck Camper Tent:

Mid-Size Truck Camper Tent is another great brand manufactured by DAC Enterprises. The truck tent fits in 96 Tacoma, SUVs, Sports vehicles, and pickup trucks. It provides the best ventilation and is also a lightweight item. The tent is best for hunting, camping, and many other activities.


Polyester, steel, fiberglass materials are used in its production.


  1. It is compatible with 2 persons with pets.
  2. It has blue walls and a tan roof with a zipper closure type.
  3. Assemble in 5 minutes only.
  4. The door panels of the tent can tie back for maximum ventilation.
  5. A mid-size truck tent has a tailgate width of 58.5 inches.
  • The capacity of 2-3 persons with pets.
  • Water resistive.
  • Provides full protection and privacy.
  • Highly ventilated item.
  • Fits only with specific width of 58 inches.

8- JoyTutus Pickup Truck Tent:    

Jotutus pickup truck tent is the best brand for the current 2020 Toyota Tacoma, RAM, Nissan, Ford, and Chevy Silverado. The tent fits in the truck bed of 5.5 to 5.8′. Although, it has a wide range of sizes.


The tent is made of 150D polyester oxford, and the rods are made of fiberglass.


  1. The Joytutus truck tent has 3 windows, 2 for sightseeing and 1 for observation or hunting.
  2. The truck tent has a unique design of black and yellow color combination.
  3. There is a convenient inner space with 4 mesh bags in the tent.
  4. It has waterproof layering for protection against rain, snowfall, and harsh weather.
  5. A light-weighted product of only 2.43 pounds.
  6. The tent fits in a 5.5 ft. truck bed easily.
  • Gives maximum protection about rainy or stormy weather.
  • Very simple to use.
  • A convenient and best product for camping
  • No rooftop vent is present.

Sportz Link, Ground Truck Tent is one of the great brands of Napier Enterprises. Napier Enterprises is well-known in the market for its quality and making techniques. It is the best truck tent for 4 campers.


Sportz Ground link tent is manufactured from polyester and steel and fiberglass rods.


  1. The maximum of the center of the tent is 6.5 feet tall.
  2. It offers a spacious and compatible interior for more than 4 adults.
  3. It is easy to set and very simple to link it with the ground.
  4. The item weight is 17 pounds, a little bit heavier due to the linked ground tent.
  5. The tent consists of storm flaps and a full rainfly for extra protection.
  6. The tent has 3 mesh windows and a large entrance door.
  • Great camping tent for 4 persons.
  • Well-built and easily set up.
  • Cones with an expandable carrying bag for extra storage.
  • Windows has no flaps.

10- Kodiak Canvas Truck Tent:

Kodiak Canvas Truck Tent is built with Hydra Shield, 100% cotton canvas which is durable, breathable, and waterproof material. In addition, it comes with a D-shaper design.


The tent poles are made of steel, while the tent is built with durable and waterproof fabric.


  1. The weight of the tent is about 30 pounds which means it is a heavier item.
  2. The size varies from 5.5 up to 6.5ft.
  3. The D shape design of the tent gives it an excellent look.
  4. Strong steel-made poles provide incredible support.
  5. There are 5 windows in this tent for excellent ventilation.
  6. Compatible for models, i.e., Silverado, Toyota, Ford, Dodge RAM, GMC Sierra.
  • Accommodates about 2-3 persons.
  • Tunnel shape design for maximum interior space.
  • 5 windows with a cab access vent are included in it.
  • Strong and Water-resistive material
  • Not suitable for heavy snow

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

1- How Do I Clean My Tent?

The best way to clean the tent is to spray water on both sides. 

In addition, you can apply soap with a sponge or rubbing alcohol to remove stains. But, in turn, this can damage your tent. 

So, it would help if you had to treat the soap-washed area with silicon-based waterproof (a silicon-based synthetic waterproof sealant), i.e., Kiwi Camp Dry, to give your tent an original look.

Make sure that the tent gets completely dry and stored in a safe place.

2- How Do I Measure The Size Of The Truck Bed So Tent Fits My Cab?

Mostly, the sizing guide is mentioned by any Truck Tent Company in its technical specifications.

Anyhow, make sure to measure the truck bed along the bottom instead of the top and measure the bed length with the tailgate.

Exactly, match the mentioned dimensions provided by the tent company in the specifications list with your truck measurements.

Never consider buying any item with a size difference; you must think about any other option instead of that one.

3- How Can I Prevent Mildew or Mold in My Tent?

After a trip, I completely dried out the tent from moisture or humidity.

Once, show it out in sunlight; it is the only rule before storage.

Store your tent in a dry place and make sure that there should be no humidity.

4- Can A Truck Tent Be Used On Ground?

A truck tent is specifically designed for pickup trucks beds by the manufacturers. The material of a truck tent is not tough and also not suitable for setup on the ground.

Also, the ground tents do not fit into truck beds because they are not made for compact size.

The fabric of the truck tent will get teared quickly if you ever try to set it up on the ground.

5- What Are The Advantages Of Using A Tent For Toyota Tacoma?

Usage of truck tents in camping is much satisfying than any traditional ground tent.

Firstly, the truck tent provides more protection against insects, bugs, and crawling creatures.

Secondly, the tent can withstand strong wind or rain, and you’ll not get messy while camping.

Thirdly, you would not need to waste your time in finding leveled ground.

Besides this, Toyota Tacoma Tents are easy to install, and you can start camping where you want.

Final Conclusion:

Before purchasing any tent, you must be familiar with all the parameters reviewed in this article. In addition, I suggest that you must know about the accurate size of your truck. So, you’ll not face any issue regarding tent adjustment. The price range of $100 + to 300+. However, keep in mind that a higher price never means a good quality product. So, figure out all parameters and enjoy a better camping experience.

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