How to Remove Fish Smell From Car – 100% Working Tips

How to remove fish smell from car

We’ve all faced this issue at one time or an additional. You’re driving home to pick up the kids off school and smell a foul odor in the car of your family. This fishy smell isn’t going disappear on its own, so how to remove fish smell from car?

In the beginning, you need to locate the source. If there’s a smelly scent within your vehicle, it could be several sources. Eliminate any garbage within your vehicle such as food wrappers, cups and bags. Check your seats to ensure there’s nothing stuck between them.

If you know someone who has been fishing recently or ordered seafood, it could be the cause. Look over your carpets for any spots that might be responsible for the smell. If you’ve found the source, you are able to clean it. First of all, try to use these odor products available at online market. After that we will discuss techniques which will help to getting rid of this smell from your car.

Use Odor Neutralizing Cleaning Products

People who do not want to use vinegar could prefer to use products that work similarly to what you get from the grocery store. There are products that neutralize odors you can buy from the stores like Amazon and Walmart that can take odors off quickly.

Most of tips and techniques down below will contain vinegar. One reason you may consider using odor neutralizing cleaning products is because you don’t appreciate the scent of vinegar.

There is no doubt that vinegar is quite potent on its own but it’s not something you’d want to explore. It’s simple to purchase an odor neutralizing cleaner in the market and it comes in many varieties.

You can locate products that have pleasant scents, or opt for something which doesn’t actually contain any scent in any way.

Whatever way you choose they are sure to be extremely simple to make use of. It is as simple as spraying the solution on the car carpeting, which smells like fish, and it will eliminate the smell.

In the majority of cases the products for cleaning are effective in eliminating the smell of fish, however it could require multiple applications over time if you’ve got particular issue.

The only downside for this approach is that you’ll have to purchase the product. It is likely that these sprays to neutralize odors aren’t that expensive however, that could be contingent on the perspective you have.

Vinegar and water be equally effective but you’ll need decide what you think about the vinegar odor.

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Use Soapy water to Scrub

Some fishy odors may be less severe than others. Soapy water might be able to remove them. Once you’ve identified the source of your smell, you can start to clean it up. It is important to get rid of the smell as soon as you can.

Warm water and dish soap are required. You will need dish soap and warm water. Mix the dish soap in the warm water until you see suds. Use a rag or a brush to soak the soap and water mixture. Use a stiff but gentle scrubber to remove the stain from your carpet.

Do not scrub your carpet with a hard bristle brush. You can cause damage to your carpet and make it more obvious that the stain is there. Use gentler motions and soft bristles to help get the soap into your carpet.

After you’re done with the scrub, you can use a towel or sponge to absorb as much water from the area as possible. You can also use a vacuum cleaner that can deal with water. To get rid of the smell, repeat this process as many times possible.


This home remedy works like nature’s poison absorber. It’s not surprising that the same material used to filter water can also be used to filter your air. You can simply leave a bag of charcoal briquettes open in your car overnight. Activated charcoal absorbs everything in the air and is very porous. It doesn’t consume any charcoal at all.


This strong but pleasant-smelling liquid is great for removing overpowering odors. It can be left in a small container or bowl in your car overnight. Even the strongest odors will be greatly reduced by the evaporation process. A mixture of vinegar, water and a damp cloth can be used to rub a stinky spot. Pure vinegar can cause damage to carpet and leather, so make sure you don’t put it in your car.

Baking soda

There are few products that have so many uses as sodium carbonate or baking sugar. It should also be your first choice if dealing with vomit. This alkaline powder and abrasive can be used to remove odors and help clear stains. It is easy to use. Simply clean the area and then sprinkle baking soda all over it. Let it dry. After drying, vacuum the powder for at least two hours. You can also keep baking soda in a sealed container with holes at the top. This will act as an air deodorizer.

Carpet Cleaner

Carpets will absorb almost any accident or spillage from a car. It is best to attack the problem at source using a specialized product. For example, you can use a carpet cleaner that you would find at an auto parts store or department store. There are many options, so make sure to choose the right one for you and follow the instructions. Some cleaners can be as harsh or harsher than vinegar and will require a diluted solution before you use them.

Air fresheners

After you have deodorized your car, air fresheners and fragrances can be added to the air to give it a pleasant smell. Do not use pleasant scents to mask the unpleasant smells. These can be used once the bad smell has subsided, but not sooner. This is a far better option than the bizarre mixture of lemon zest and old cigarette smoke.

Next time you are faced with a strong car odor, make sure to use the right tools. These guidelines will help you get your cabin back to normal in no time.

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