Best Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaner – Use & Review Guide

A carburetor is a device in a vehicle or motorbike that mixes air and fuel in an appropriate ratio for internal combustion engines for combustion. It is the main part of a vehicle that needs proper cleaning. Even a little bit of dirt can decrease its efficiency. However, cleaning a carburetor requires a screwdriver and a willingness to get his hands dirty, but it is still challenging.

One can soak a carburetor in a bucket of degreasing solution, rinse it with water, and blow it off with an air gun. It is so simple but less efficient. An ultrasonic carburetor cleaner is the best way to keep the carburetor clean. Ultrasonic carburetor cleaners are most widely used due to their efficient grease, grime, and dirt removal ability.

Components of ultrasonic carburetor cleaner

There are the following components of ultrasonic carburetor cleaner.


It uses the available electrical energy and converts voltage and frequency to high magnitudes to activate the transducer.


The transducer generates sound waves that produce microscopic bubbles of cleaning solution that explode in the contaminated area and remove the contamination or dirt.

Tank or vessel

The tank or vessel in a sonic cleaner is used to hold the cleaning solution and parts to be cleaned.

Why is an ultrasonic carburetor cleaner essential?

The grease, dirt, and road grime decrease the working efficiency of the carburetor, which accumulates over time. The ultrasonic cleaner for the carburetor removes all the dirt from the inside of the carburetor, which is difficult to remove with brushes. The cleaning of carburetors with sonic carburetor cleaner is simple, easy, and convenient.

How does an ultrasonic carburetor cleaner work?

Ultrasonic cleaner removes dirt or contamination by using cavitation action(forming vapors or gas-filled cavities in a liquid ). It can remove varnishes, gums, and dirt that deposit inside and outside the carburetor over time. 

When a cleaning solution is added to the preheated water in the ultrasonic cleaner, it forms millions of minute bubbles. These bubbles are generated by a transducer which is the component of an ultrasonic cleaner that produces sound waves that in turn produce microscopic bubbles which thoroughly clean the carburetor. These bubbles implode when they come in contact with any wet surface and take away all the dust. The frequency of ultrasonic carburetor cleaner varies from 37kHz to 47kHz (37000 Hz to 42000 Hz cycle per second), depending on the models.

How to use an ultrasonic carburetor cleaner?

First of all, fill some cleaning fluid and water in the ultrasonic cleaner and set the cleaner’s thermostat at 70℃. While the solution is heating, put the parts in the basket separated from each other. When the required temperature is attained, lower the basket in the solution and leave it there for 25 min.

The cleaning time depends upon the condition of the carburetor and other parts to be cleaned. Remove the parts after one cycle is completed and if you are not satisfied, restart the cycle again. Then rinse the parts with fresh water and let them dry in the air.

Remember that all the surfaces of the carburetor should be fully immersed in the cleaning solution. For very small parts, fine mesh baskets can be used.

During carburetor cleaning, all the contaminants remain in the solution or settle down in the bottom of the tank. Drain the tank after use and clean it by following the instructions in the user manual.

Biodegradable cleaning solution for ultrasonic cleaner

The cleaning solutions for ultrasonic cleaners should be concentrated.

The choice of cleaning solution for sonic cleaner depends upon the nature of the contaminants. For removing grease, dirt, and light carbon from the carburetor or other parts, there are the following two best cleaning solutions:

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Elma Tec Clean A4 Degreasing Solution

Elma tec clean A4 degreasing solution is a mild alkaline solution that can be diluted with water from 1 to 5%. It is a biodegradable cleaning solution available in 2.5, 10, and 25-liter containers. 

It removes contaminants such as grease, oil, soot, coolant, wax, combustion residues, and all organic contaminants. This solution can be used to clean rubber, ceramic, steel, and iron parts. Partially fill the cleaner tank with water, add a small amount of degreasing solution as required and fill the water up to the marked line of the tank.

Please turn on the cleaner and allow it to operate for 10 minutes to mix the solution properly. Follow the same step each time you prepare a new solution to remove cavitation inhibiting trapped air. This formula causes contaminants to dislodge from the surface to be clean and float over the fluid that can be disposed of. This ultrasonic carburetor cleaner formulation can be used multiple times over carburetor cleaning cycles which make it an economical choice.

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Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution for Carburetor

The cleaning solution removes dirt, grease, varnishes, and other contaminants from carburetors, valves, and heat exchangers, which deposit over time. The concentrated cleaning solution is formulated to form minute vacuum bubbles that implode when they come in contact with the contaminated surface. The cleaning solution is safe on all metals, including brass, copper, ferrous, and aluminum alloys.

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How to Choose the Best Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaner

The ultrasonic carburetor cleaner varies in a different size. So the choice of an ultrasonic cleaner depends on your requirements.

Vevor Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner

The machine possesses a frequency of 40kHz, which is suitable with ultrasonic power of 180W and heating power of 200W. This cleaner effectively cleans your valuable things without damaging them. The machine has three advanced transducers equipped with a sandwich piezoelectric transducer structure. These transducers with improved technology increase cleaning efficiency. The ultrasonic cleaner comes in different sizes depending upon the solution holding capacity of tank 2L, 6L, 15L, and 30L. The cleaner can be used to clean carburetors, vehicle parts, rings, chains, and jewelry. There is a digital control panel to adjust the time and temperature required.

The time ranges from 1 to 30 minutes, and the temperature ranges from 0 to 80℃. The ultrasonic cleaner has excellent performance, capacity, and appearance. 

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The ultrasonic cleaner is the best choice to save time and is less messy than cleaning with brushes, aerosol sprays, and cleaning solvents. The choice of ultrasonic cleaner depends upon your requirement, and the degreasing solution used in it also depends upon the nature of the contaminant. While cleaning in the cleaner requires temperature and time adjustment. After using the sonic cleaner, one should know how to clean it properly to enhance its life span.

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