Top 6 Best Exhaust Cutouts – How To Choose One

best exhaust cutouts

A great vehicle will naturally make a lot of noise. Do you or the people around you like the loud noise your car exhaust system makes? Exotic sounds make people uncomfortable. It won’t make a positive impression on other people. Also, people are modifying their vehicles to include features like fast speed. They desire vehicles that offer the best performance.

Before investing in a powerful car, you must tackle this problem. You should get the best exhaust cutout for this reason. The best exhaust cutout will help you enjoy a long drive without any noise because the drivers can easily switch the mode of this device from loud to quiet. Your automobile will remain noise free as a result. 

While aiming for outstanding performance, you must carefully choose a cutout.

Finding the best exhaust cutout is difficult, though. You must be familiar with the specifics of the product. In addition, you need a thorough examination to choose an inexpensive, high-quality best exhaust cutout. 

For your benefit, we have reviewed the best exhaust cutouts. Also, our buying guide covers every aspect to make your purchase decision easier.

Top 6 Best Exhaust Cutouts

1. Quick Time Performance QTEC30

Key Features 

  • The cutout is made from several tough materials.
  • There are several choices available in various sizes.
  • Cast aluminum motor covers are both elegant and efficient.
  • Beyond only being able to open and close, valve opening can be modified.

Quick Time Performance, commonly known as QTP, is the leading brand of the first item on our list. They produce top-notch best exhaust cutout systems. A large global market uses their goods.

QTP has been producing electric cuts for over twenty years. That suggests that they are aware of the best exhaust cutout to offer to satisfy their clients’ needs. They provide the most effective, robust, and trustworthy exhaust cutouts available. 

The high-quality stainless steel used in its construction enables it to withstand the elements without breaking. Moreover, both the shaft and the butterfly plate are covered in steel. The best feature is how tough stainless steel is. As a result, it will keep your automobile noise-free as long as you wish.

The electric exhaust cutout made an intelligent choice by using stainless steel. It proves the manufacturer’s thorough understanding of engineering and quality. Stainless steel also resists rust and corrosion.

Ingeniously, aircraft aluminum was utilized in the product in addition to stainless steel. QTP exhaust cutout is made of aluminum to ensure long-lasting, great performance. Also, cutting pipes with laser accuracy is used. Thus, it fits every car perfectly.

You can alter the exhaust level without having to stoop below your car thanks to this QTP exhaust cutout, which is another noteworthy feature. Place a switch anywhere you want in your car and enjoy the noise-free ride.

Pros & Cons

  • It is simple to install.
  • Simple to turn on and off.
  • Excellent noise reduction.
  • Stainless steel has high durability.
  • No remote administration.

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2. Granatelli Motorsports 302530 3.0″ Electric Exhaust Cutout

Key Features 

  • One-touch switch operation. 
  • The butterfly blade shaft and plate are made of stainless steel.
  • Carbon steel high-temperature drive gears.
  • Offered in aluminized mild steel or stainless steel.

This Granatelli motorsport is an excellent option if you want to ensure that your exhaust cutout lasts for many years. Solid aluminum is utilized to make it. As a result, it’s powerful and can withstand temperature, weather, and terrain changes.

Together with that, it has a switch that lets you adjust the sound. All you require is its quick switch. Also, this best exhaust cutout works with all types of automobiles. It will fit well whether you drive a car or a truck.

Several individuals search for rust-resistant materials because exhaust cutouts commonly rust with time. Your problems are over, thanks to Granatelli. This product’s plates and shafts are made of stainless steel. They won’t rust or corrode with time.

It contains a smart-chip motor that lets you switch the mode from quiet to performance with a single touch of the button. You no longer need to push a button repeatedly. You will get the most out of this cutout using this straightforward yet powerful technique.

Furthermore, the cost after the purchase has been decreased thanks to this exhaust cutout. Its setup is quite simple. Because you do not need to call a mechanic to install it, it saves you money. If you have tools, you can install this best exhaust cutout without help. 

Pros & Cons

  • It perfectly fits every vehicle.
  • It is straightforward to install.
  • No need to press a button, easy touch system.
  • It is a bit costly.
  • It might be necessary to hire a pro to install the kit itself.

3. Doug’s Headers DEC300AK 3″ Electric Exhaust 

Key Features 

  • The moving gate ensures the best possible leak prevention.
  • For the various components, stainless steel is used.
  • Cutout greatly enhances exhaust flow.
  • Perfect for racing sites without muffler requirements.

For all vehicles, leakage is a problem. This is because leaks can contaminate your health by coming into contact with carbon monoxide.

Leaks in the exhaust system are another problem. Your car starts acting strangely. Unfortunately, its maintenance will cost extra money.

But this problem has been resolved thanks to Doug’s Headers DEC300AK’s best exhaust cutout. This best exhaust cutout delivers premium performance and is made of premium materials. This item, no doubt, will blow your mind. And sure, it can be installed in any kind of car.

This electrical exhaust cutout cover is made of highly durable stainless steel. It can withstand harsh weather, and it also resists rust and corrosion.

It also contains a switch for altering modes. Simply switch it to transform your vehicle into a powerful performance beast that helps you win the race. But this exhaust cutout ensures you may still enjoy your car’s power. This trait is certainly something to admire.

This exhaust cutout self-cleaning seal, which prevents debris from clogging the system, is noteworthy. You can be confident there will not be any leaks.

This electrical exhaust cutout has a fantastic design that deserves praise. Several clients adore it. Every time you open or close the valve, less noise is made due to the design. Thanks to the smooth flow, those around would not be bothered by the noise.

Pros & Cons

  • No leakage.
  • Rust- and corrosion-resistant
  • Tolerates extreme temperatures.
  • Significantly reduces the noise.
  • The exhaust cutout is quite large.
  • The switch is unreliable.

4. BadlanzHPE Electric Exhaust Cutout

Key Features 

  • Lightweight compared to several other electronic exhaust cuts already on the market.
  • Quick and simple installation is possible.
  • Enhances exhaust flow significantly.

This product from Badlanz carries on the company’s tradition of producing high-caliber goods. They create their goods in the USA. 

As a result, this electronic exhaust cutout is made of the highest-quality material available. In the creation of this product, stainless steel and aluminum materials were utilized. The chassis is made of stainless steel.

Your car’s speed is increased with aluminum material. This amazing exhaust cutout weighs less than cutouts. 

Furthermore, it has the maximum exhaust flow you can find on the market. Your car’s performance will increase as a result. Thanks to the best exhaust cutout, you do not have to be concerned about your system overloading.

This electronic exhaust cutoff includes everything you need to enjoy your rides. That is very amazing. It has a wire harness, rocker switch, and y-adapter, among other things.

Despite this, you are not required to pay for the additional costs of installing it with your hard-earned money. For installation, only a few tools are needed. Installing it will be easy; you can do it at home by reading the manual in the package. Every car can accommodate it with ease. 

Good heat flow is made possible by its in-line installation. Also, this exhaust cutout valve switch has excellent responsiveness. As a result, you can immediately enter race mode.

Pros & Cons

  • Good Heat Flow.
  • No leakage.
  • Installation is easy.
  • Stainless steel material is used.
  • This product does not have a wireless controller.

5. SPELAB Electric Exhaust Cutout

Key Features 

  • Designed for the single exhaust pipe. 
  • Chrome-plated steel butterfly plate and valve pipe. 
  • Batteries are not required. 

SPELAB Electric Exhaust Cutout comes in at number five. Unlike other cutouts, this one for electrical exhaust is unique. This exhaust cut out by SPELAB is the best we have come across. That is unmatched.

Every vehicle can use this one-of-a-kind best exhaust cutout. It has a three-inch valve that is simple to integrate into many cars and trucks. Furthermore, this exhaust cutout was designed to fit a single exhaust cutout pipe. Your car performance will increase, according to SPELAB’s promise.

In addition to being suitable, you can operate it by pressing a button on a wireless remote or a wired switch. A wired controller can be installed anywhere with ease. 

Everyone will notice your car, whether you are participating in a race or using it for a joyride.

Also, the electric exhaust shutoff is strong and long-lasting. The package comes with a control box, wireless remote, cutout valve, and extension harness.

Pros & Cons

  • Suited to a variety of vehicles.
  • A wireless remote is included.
  • High toughness.
  • Not water-resistant.
  • Doesn’t have remote batteries.

6. PQY Universal 3“ Electric Exhaust Cutout

Key Features

  • Made of high-quality 304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy for durability
  • Fits on every 3 inches exhaust system
  • You can change your vehicle’s performance and sound at the touch of a button
  • Easy to use with flip switch
  • Produce a rumble exhaust note
  • Lightweight

PQY Universal 3 Electric Exhaust cutout is another best product that incredibly enhances your vehicle performance and sound quality. This exhaust cutout is constructed of high-quality 304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy, which offers maximum performance and durability. 

You can use this incredible exhaust cutout at the touch of a button. Its two-valve feature allows the exhaust system to open and close quickly on the flip of a switch, making switching between quiet and loud exhaust modes very easy. This kit is specially designed for a 3”/76mm exhaust system and fits every vehicle exhaust system within this range. 

If we talk about installation, PQY Universal 3 is very easy to install with some basic hand tools. So, anyone can install this exhaust cutout at home by reading the installation manual included in the package.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy installation
  • Light Weight
  • Prude rumble exhaust note
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Install on 3”/76mm exhaust system

How To Choose The Best Exhaust Cutout? 

There are many elements to consider before purchasing an electric exhaust cutout. The following are a few things to consider before buying the best exhaust cutout for your car.


You should always take into account the material of any exhaust cutout before purchase. The material of the exhaust cutout directly affects its quality. Manufacturers frequently incorporate stainless steel into their goods.

Stainless steel is a very strong material that performs well against rust and corrosion. As a result, not every exhaust cutout is made of stainless steel. Numerous manufacturers also use aluminum. It is advantageous for those who want thin exhaust cuts for their cars.

It’s crucial to remember that high-quality aluminum resists rust and corrosion. But at really high temperatures, inexpensive metal rusts.


While some exhaust cuts are simple to install, others require more specialized skills. If you are familiar with your car’s exhaust system, exhaust cutouts are simple to install.

Reading customer evaluations is the best method to determine how complicated or simple a cutout is. Choosing a product that is simpler to install is also a good idea. The best feature of such a cutout is that it does not require any gears.


The majority of best exhaust cutouts offer excellent performance. Though, you won’t benefit from its functions if it does not fit your car. Having stated that, size is the main aspect of a cutout kit that you should consider. For your exhaust cutout, you can choose the ideal size.

To meet the needs of various types of automobiles, numerous manufacturers typically offer exhaust cutout kits in a range of conventional sizes. The electric exhaust cutout has a size range of 2.25 to 5 inches. Depending on your vehicle’s exhaust system, you must also decide whether to get a dual or a single exhaust cutout kit.


Leakage is a serious problem. This problem is something that many car owners gripe about. Because of this, manufacturers have worked hard to produce leak-proof exhaust cuts. The tight seal on higher-end cutouts stops leaks.

Moreover, exhaust cutouts with butterfly plate designs are highly successful at stopping leaks. The best exhaust cutout will appear to be a sealed valve when closed. As a result, this design guarantees that the exhaust cutout is leak-proof.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of an Electric Exhaust cutout?

The main benefit of an electric exhaust cutout is that it allows you to switch between quiet and loud modes at the touch of the remote button. Exhaust cutout is best for those who want to enjoy loud exhaust sound on open roads and drive quietly in residential areas. 

Additionally, an exhaust cutout is the best upgrade for those who want enhanced horsepower and torque. It reduces exhaust back pressure, which enhances vehicle engine performance. It is a cheap and easy way to improve vehicle performance and enjoy both loud and quiet sounds from your vehicle.

How does an electric cutout enhance performance?

An electric exhaust cutout improves vehicle performance by allowing the vehicle to switch between the stock exhaust system and the electric exhaust cutout, which allows the engine to perform better since the engine bypasses the muffler and other conflicting parts. 

As a result, engines produce more power, torque, acceleration, and increased fuel efficiency. And when the user switches to louder mode, it allows the engine to breathe freely and make a more aggressive sound. 

Overall, it can increase or decrease engine performance for both the open road and residential areas by blocking and unblocking features which increase engine performance.

What material is used in electric exhaust cutouts?

Exhaust cutouts are made of high-quality stainless steel and aluminum. The material is always selected according to the exhaust system size and the heat produced by the exhaust system. The material used in exhaust cutouts can withstand extreme vibration and extreme temperature.

What type of features to look after before buying exhaust cutouts?

Before buying an electric exhaust cutout, you should look after these features: The exhaust cutout you will purchase should be made of high-quality stainless steel with a long life span. It should have a remote controller for switching between quiet and loud modes. 

It should have an adjustable design that allows you to control the amount of sound. It should have a feature to keep the cutout safe when you are not using it. Its motor should be sealed for protection against dust and water. A temperature monitoring system to protect the cutout from overheating.

What cost should I expect before buying an electric exhaust cutout?

The cost of an electric exhaust cutout depends on the model, brand, and features of the cutout. The market is full of many different exhaust cutouts; some are good, and some are a waste of money. 

Generally, an exhaust cutout cost ranges between 100$ to 500$. But it is essential to have accurate information about an exhaust cutout before buying. Otherwise, you can get a cheap and low-performance exhaust cutout at a very high price. But you can get a good cutout without spending much money if you have the correct information.

Final Words

You’ve read about the best exhaust cutouts available on Amazon or the respective websites. Each is a superb choice that will give your car an immediate performance boost.

Above all, the companies who make these exhaust cutouts have a wealth of expertise in the electric exhaust industry. The electric exhaust cuts on our list are substantial and operate admirably. These are entirely worthwhile.

Finally, we hope that this guide has aided you in making a purchase. Make sure you examine every element of an exhaust cutout before purchasing.

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