Why Is My Car Leaking Oil When Parked? How To Check

car leaking oil when parked

A Car leaking oil when parked can be pretty unpleasant. It can damage your Car in a variety of ways, and Car leaking is quite challenging to fix.

If your Car leaking when parked, it is essential to respond right away. An oil leak may have various possible causes, some of which are more catastrophic than others. Oil leaks are not only nasty, but they may also be a sign of severe problems with the engine.

This blog post will cover the most frequent reasons for engine oil leaks, along with tips for avoiding them. We’ll also review the signs of an engine oil leak so you can spot one quickly and correct it before it causes any actual harm.

Let’s get into the details. 

Your Car needs engine oil to run correctly. It lubricates each moving component in your engine, such as the camshaft, crankshaft, and pistons. These components are shielded from overheating with engine oil.

When an engine spills oil, it means the lubricant is no longer performing as expected. Engine parts will begin to scrape against each other if there is not enough oil. 

Your engine will be destroyed as a result, necessitating expensive repairs or possibly engine replacement. In addition, a car with insufficient oil might overheat and suffer serious harm.

Sometimes an engine will even fully shut down, leaving you stuck on the side of the road. Hence, if you find your Car leaking oil when parked, take it to a mechanic as soon as possible.

What Are The Common Signs Of Car Leaking Oil When Parked?

Here are the common signs which are the indication of oil leaking from your Car. 

Oil Puddles in the Driveway

If you leave your car overnight in the garage and discover an oil puddle on the floor the next day, your automobile is probably leaking oil. 

Determine whether the source of the puddle is under the front or rear of the vehicle. An oil pan or engine gasket is the main cause of the noise coming from the front. 

It can be a rear main seal leak if the sound is coming from under the back, and this is a more significant problem that needs expert repairs. Puddles of oil might also develop if your automobile spills coolant, power steering fluid, or transmission fluid.

Also, it’s crucial to remember that a car leaking oil when parked can result from various factors; not all of these problems are related to your car.

For instance, if you park on an incline, gravity may cause some oil to flow out of the engine. Always get advice from a competent mechanic if you need clarification on what’s generating the puddles.

Low Oil Level Indicator

Today’s automobiles, however, have covered below, which will likely catch the oil before it touches the ground. This might cover up a significant oil spill. In this situation, a low oil level indicator is a sign of a car leaking oil when parked. 

Rough Engine Idling

If you find your Car’s engine idling harshly when you park it, it clearly indicates that you have an oil leak. It happens when the engine isn’t receiving enough oil, which might lead to the components wearing out too quickly.

The engine may also overheat if the oil leak is severe enough, which could result in more harm.

Burning Oil Odor

Lastly, if you smell burning oil coming from your car, it’s probably because your Car leaking oil when parked. 

Burning oil odors can occur for several causes, including oil leaks. For instance, a faulty oil seal may cause oil to leak from the engine.

A burning oil odor might also result from an overheated engine, which can happen if the oil filter is clogged. In either scenario, it’s critical to address the issue immediately to protect your engine from further harm.

Bluish Exhaust Smoke Coming From Your Car

If you’ve ever observed bluish exhaust smoke coming from your Car, it may be a sign of an oil leak. At first glance, this might not seem like a major deal, but if it isn’t fixed immediately, it could permanently harm your engine.

Gasoline and oil are consumed when an oil leaks in the combustion chamber. Which causes blue exhaust smoke from burning oil.

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What Are The Reasons For Car Leaking Oil When Parked? 

Now that you know how to identify an oil leak, let’s focus on some of the potential causes of your car leaking oil when parked

When Your Oil Pan Is Damaged

When you park your automobile, the oil pan that is fastened to the bottom of the engine bears the weight of the engine. Oil leaks can occur if the oil pan is damaged or fractured over time. Searching for indications of moisture or oil leakage under your parked car might help you determine whether your oil pan is damaged.

If you notice these symptoms, you should get your car checked out by a repair right away. If left ignored, a broken oil pan can seriously harm the engine and potentially result in total engine failure.

When Oil Engine Gets Clogged

A choked oil filter is one of the main reasons for Car leaking when parked. The engine oil filter is in charge of removing pollutants from the engine oil; if it becomes clogged, the engine oil cannot perform effectively.

Impurities can accumulate over time and eventually cause the engine oil to degrade, which can result in leaks. In some instances, a blocked oil filter can also contribute to engine overheating, resulting in even worse issues.

Replace it immediately if you discover that your car is leaking oil when parked. If you don’t, you can seriously harm your Car’s engine.

When The Engine Is Overfilled With Oil

Car leaking oil when parked also occurs due to the overfilling of the engine with oil. Oil expands during engine heating and is driven through weak places in the engine seal.

When this occurs, you’ll typically see an oily mess underneath your Car when you park it. It’s crucial to frequently check your oil level and top it off as necessary because if this isn’t resolved, it could cause long-term harm to your engine.

Don’t worry if you accidentally fill your engine to the top. Before you start driving again, drain away the extra oil and ensure no leaks.

Faulty Oil Pumps

Faulty oil pumps are one frequent reason for engine oil leaks. To prevent oil from leaking out, the oil pump, which distributes oil throughout the engine, depends on a seal.

When the engine is turned off, the oil may leak due to this seal’s deterioration over time.

The engine may occasionally overheat or lose power due to a defective oil pump. To prevent further harm to your engine, have your oil pump checked by a repair right away. 

Damaged Piston Rings

The piston rings must seal the gap between the piston and the cylinder wall. When they are worn out or broken, they may allow oil to flow into the combustor, where the engine might burn it.

For the air/fuel combination to be compressed and burned to power the engine, piston rings must establish a seal between the piston and the cylinder wall.

These piston rings may begin to deteriorate if they sustain damage, which would then make it possible for oil to flow through them and into the combustor. Check out Symptoms of Damage Piston Rings

Damage In The Engine Block

An engine block damage is a typical cause of a car leaking oil when parked. Your Car’s engine’s “heart” is the engine block, which also houses the crankshaft, connecting rods, and pistons.

When these components are harmed, the engine may begin to leak oil. In addition, coolant leaks may be brought on by an injured engine block. A broken engine block can also result in coolant leaks. These leaks can be hard to find, but they can be quite deadly.

Damaged Valve Cover Gasket

A damaged valve cover gasket is another reason for engine oil leaks. The valve cover gasket separates the engine’s cylinder head and valve cover.

Its function is to seal the vicinity of the valves to prevent oil leakage. Yet with time, the gasket may dry out and split, letting oil seep through.

When this occurs, you’ll typically see oil flowing from the valve cover itself or from the cylinder head’s mated gasket surface. In some instances, the oil may also leak into the wells of the spark plugs, resulting in misfires and engine run-ons.

Loose Oil Drain Plug

If you’ve ever changed your oil and neglected to screw the oil drain plug back in, it will cause a car leaking oil when parked. Even though it might not seem like a huge matter, a loose oil drain plug can result in some major issues. First, if the plug is not tightened completely, the oil may leak out, resulting in a lack of lubrication and perhaps damaging the engine.

Even worse, if the oil drain plug is left sufficiently loose, it may fall out entirely and cause an uncontrolled oil leak. So, ensure the drain cap is tightly screwed in when you change your oil the following time.

How To Fix Car Leaking Oil When Parked? 

After you identify the source of the leak, you can correct it and stop it from happening again.

Change Your Car’s Oil Drain Plug Or Oil Filter

If you’ve identified the source of your oil leak as the oil filter or the drain plug, replacing it will solve the problem quite easily. The old drain plug or filter only needs to be taken out and replaced with the new one to fix the Car leaking oil when parked.

When changing the drain plug, be careful to use the right size and thread pitch, as doing otherwise can strip the threads and result in a more extensive leak.

Change Piston Rings Of Your Car

The piston rings can be changed, which is a common solution for a car leaking oil when parked. This approach may be successful, but it’s critical to comprehend why and how it functions before using it.

New piston rings can be replaced with worn-out ones to repair the seal and stop oil leakage. But, before adding new rings, ensure that the cylinder walls are spotless and smooth. If not, the new rings could not create a strong seal.

It’s crucial to be confident that this is the right approach for your issue because replacing piston rings is neither affordable nor simple.

Change Head Gasket

It’s recommended to leave replacing a head gasket to the professionals as it’s a highly complex procedure. The head gasket should typically be changed to solve the issue. Yet it’s crucial to understand that this is not a quick fix.

Repair The Engine Block And Oil Pan

Repairing the damaged engine block or oil pan is a final fix for a car leaking oil when parked. If the damage is minor, this can be a straightforward fix, although it might not be enough to stop the leak entirely.

Sometimes it could be required to replace the engine block or oil pan entirely. This should only be done if all other options have failed because it is typically more expensive. You have to spend thousands of dollars on this. Selling the Car and purchasing a new one can be preferable on occasion.

Change The Oil In Your Car?

Pure black oil will become brown and appear “dirty” almost immediately after being poured into your automobile, making it impossible to determine whether it needs to be changed through visual inspection.

How To Avoid A Car Oil Leakage?

Change Your Car’s Oil Frequently

To avoid a car leaking oil when parked, the straightforward approach is to change your oil as frequently as the manufacturer advises. 

The manufacturer’s advice is intended to keep your automobile running for a very long period; you can find out what it is by consulting your owner’s handbook, going to the manufacturer’s website, or contacting the service department at your nearby dealership. 

Fortunately, getting your oil changed too often won’t impact you, but it will drain your pocketbook.

Maintain Engine Bay Clean

Keeping your engine bay clean is one of the most significant suggestions. On engine components, dirt and grime can accumulate over time and cause them to malfunction.

Keep your engine bay clean regularly to avoid this. By doing this, you’ll be able to increase your engine’s lifespan, stop oil leaks, and guarantee that engine oil flows constantly.

Use High-Quality Oil And Filters

Using high-quality oil and filters is another strategy for preventing a Car leaking when parked

. Selecting an oil made for your particular Car is crucial because not all oils are made equal.

Don’t forget to change your oil filter frequently as well. Engine issues and oil leaks might result from a blocked or dirty filter.

Regular Check For Leaks

Your regular car maintenance schedule should include checking for leaks. You can find and address issues before they worsen by checking for leaks.

Quickly Fix Any Leaks

It’s crucial to fix any leaks you uncover quickly. If left unattended, oil leaks can harm your Car severely.


Does your Car typically leak when it is parked?

A minor quantity of leaking may occasionally be regarded as usual. As an illustration, it’s normal for cars to drip a little oil after being driven.

But, it’s crucial to have it examined by a mechanic if you are dealing with a possibly severe oil leak. A leak may occasionally signify a more significant issue with your Car.

Can you repair the oil leak on your own?

You can stop the oil leak on your own in some situations. Yet, it’s crucial to remember that performing auto repairs can be risky.

Taking your Car to a professional is essential if you don’t feel confident working on it. 

A specialist also needs to fix the leak if a more serious issue, like a damaged engine block, is the cause of the leak. Your Car may suffer additional harm if you try to repair a significant problem on your own.

What is the cost of fixing engine oil leaks?

How much it will cost to fix an oil leak will depend on what caused it. The issue can occasionally be resolved with a straightforward sealant. If the problem is serious, such as a damaged engine block, then the cost of repairs will be far higher.

Final Words

Here is our complete guide to why a car leaks oil when parked. These oil leaks are a significant issue but don’t worry. We have covered you and mentioned some fixes for these oil leaks. Before fixing the leak, you must know the real problem, take time to assess the problem, and discover the best solution for your automobile.

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