8 Best Jack For Lifted Trucks – How to Choose

Lifted trucks have 1-3 inches more ground clearance than a conventional vehicle, and an ordinary jack is not suitable when it is time for quick repair or tire change. A jack should be strong and sturdy to handle the maximum load for unlifted vehicles, while for lifted trucks, the tallness of the jack also matters if you lift your truck, so it is sure that you take it on uneven roads from time to time. You probably need a jack on these rough paths. 

The best jack for lifted trucks works quickly, is strong, is easy to operate, and has a track record for durability. There are many lift jack options available in the market, but the question arises, which one would be the best floor jack for a lifted truck?

Here I listed some of the best jack for lifted trucks that guides you to buy the right for your lifted truck.

These Are some best jack for lifted Trucks 

1. Cat 3 Ton Hydraulic Lift

The individual who owns an SUV, jeep, or any lifted truck, can be the best option with the great height. This floor jack does not opt for sports cars or other low-to-ground cars. The jack has larger wheels that nicely rolls on the gravel ground when you work outside or on the shop floor.

The skid plate protects the hydraulic pump and provides rigidity when you are working on a rough surface. It can easily carry on the back of your truck by just removing its handle when you are heading for a fun weekend. The jack and extension lift is 29.5 inches, while the larger wheels provide a lift of 30.5 inches.

Pros & Cons

  • 3 tons load capacity.
  • The dual pump creates a fast lift.
  • 30.5 maximum lift capacity.
  • Larger wheels that roll on all types of surfaces nicely.
  • Does not work on short vehicles like sports cars.

2. Cooke Pro High Eagle 

Cooke Pro High Eagle is the best product for lifted trucks, as many pickup truck owners give this product a 5-star rating. This product fulfills all off-road and rough terrain requirements. It helps a lot for tire changing in mud and rough tracks. Many bloggers posted a list of the best floor jack that can lift 18 inches. 

But this product provides 26 inches of lift with its 8 inches added extension, which is more exceeded from other floor jacks available in the market. That’s not all, it has some extra features which make this product a winner. The most amazing feature is that it is an off-road model, so you can use it in mud, rocks, and all other rough tracks. 

And the other thing is that it has bigger rubberized wheels, which make it very easy to roll around in the gravel and muddy tracks. These features make this product best for those who mostly tackle off-road tracks and perform repairs. Its front wheels are 6 inches lifted, which makes it highly compatible with lifted SUVs and pickup trucks. 

This product is also perfect for auto repair shops as this product can handle a 3-ton weight. Three tons capacity means you can handle any repair that your auto shop needs.

Pros & Cons

  • Lift up to 24 inch
  • 3-ton weight capacity
  • Bigger 6-inch wheels
  • Best for lifted SUVs and pickup trucks
  • Not work under low cars

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3. Sunex 6602LP 2 Ton Floor Jack

Sunex 6602LP is one of the most loved products by pickup truck owners. This low-profile lift jack can lift your truck to 24 inches. The most amazing thing is that you do not have to attach an extender to lift it to 24 inches. The reason that car lovers go for this jack is its low profile. It can easily slip under 2.75 inches tall vehicles.

Its low-profile features make this product ideal for racing cars and other vehicles with low-body kits. It can also fit under vehicles with flat tires. This lift jack can lift to 24 inches which are short for trucks with aggressive after-market lift kits, while it will be able to live most SUVs and truck with factory-installed lift kits.

Additionally, this lift jack lifts faster than other floor jacks in the market. Its faster pump moves the jack at double Speed until it touches the vehicle. After contact with the vehicle, it moves at half Speed but faster than other floor jacks. Its strong and reliable lift arms can lift Jack faster and easily. 

Many other blogs and websites recommend good jacks, but most can lift to 22 inches with a low weight capacity. While on the other hand, Sunex 6602LP can lift to 24 inches without any extension. It is a suitable lifted height for most lifted pickup trucks for repairs. And its 2-ton weighing capacity makes it the best product amount its competitors. 

Pros & Cons

  • 24-inch lift without extension
  • Low profile feature for low cars
  • Fast pump lift saves time
  • Lift most of the lifted trucks
  • Lift only a 2-ton weight

4. Simpleout Electric Hydraulic Jack kit

Before we start, we take a closer look at the Electric Hydraulic Jack kit and its benefits. It is very beneficial when you need to lift your vehicle for more than just changing a tire. The best floor jack must have a robust design and a non-slip saddle to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

 With all these features, a flat surface is very important for lifting a vehicle safely. But Simpleout Electric Hydraulic makes it easy for you by lifting your vehicle on an uneven or rough surface. Sometimes your vehicle gets out of order in dark areas where you need a good light source for repair. Simpleout Electric features an LED light that is bright enough to make you see each and every spot easily.

If you think it is an electric jack incapable of lifting heavy vehicles, then you are wrong. This electric hydraulic jack kit is capable of lifting a 5-ton weight. But you have to stay below the 11000-pound mark because that is the highest we got when testing this jack kit.

This product is made of highly durable material and has a robust design. The most amazing thing about this jack kit is its very lightweight, making it an ideal companion for your vehicle. 

This kit can lift your vehicle to 17.7 inches, which is not good for lifted trucks but enough for the vehicle with factory-installed lift kits. It is a good competitor in this list, but lifting height is the only thing that makes it less reliable. 

Pros & Cons

  • Very Lightweight
  • 5-ton lifting capacity
  • Highly durable
  • Take very small storage space
  • It can lift up to 17.7 inches only

5. Pro Lift G-737 Lift Jack

Lifting a vehicle is more complicated, and you should know how to lift a vehicle and place the jack under the vehicle in the perfect spot. So, it is important to learn the basics of lifting a vehicle. When we talk about lifted trucks, it’s more difficult to lift them. For that, we need a lift jack with a robust design and the capacity to handle the high weight.

Luckily Pro Lift G-737 has all the essential features required for lifting pickup trucks and SUVs. It is the best product for those who do not have proper knowledge of lifting vehicles. It can easily lift heavy-weight trucks up to 7700 lbs weight, making it a great companion for most trucks. 

Furthermore, Pro Lift G-737 can lift up to 22 inches, making it the best product for lifted trucks.

If you have a truck requiring extra lift, this product is perfect for you. 

You do not have to worry about load fall, as the universal joint release mechanism is integrated into this floor jack. So, whenever you need to use this lift jack, you do not have to worry about handle positions all of them will be safe. An average truck can be lifted with one or two strokes, making this the most powerful jack.

Pros & Cons

  • Simple powerful design
  • Can lift 7700lbs heavy truck
  • Can lift upto 22 inches
  • Reliable joint release mechanism
  • Heavier than other lift jacks

6. Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy-duty Jack for Lifted Trucks

If you have a pickup truck or SUV with a lift kit, Powerbuilt 620422E will be your best choice. It is the best product for workshop and lifted truck owners. It has a paddle lift rail and a removable lift saddle, making its design perfect for lifted trucks, SUVs, and workshop repair. These two features offer a safe lift with perfect balance without sliding or falling. It is designed to use with lifted vehicles especially.

Powerbuilt 620422E is made of high-quality water-resistance material, which lasts longer than other Lift jacks. If we talk about weight capacity, it has a lift capacity of 2 tons which is reliable enough for most of the vehicle owners. Additionally, it comes with essential safety features that contain a baseboard for excellent balance and tie-down points.

And it also comes with a locking bar to keep the jack in its place firmly when it lifts the vehicle. The only drawback of this product is its heavy weight, and it has 38 kg weight which is not good for portability. But it comes with a set of wheels that decrease the effort of moving the jack around.

Pros & Cons

  • It has a paddle lift rail with a removable lift saddle
  • Made of Water Resistance Material
  • Contain base board for excellent stability
  • Heavier than other lift jacks
  • Lift up to 2 ton

7. Blackhack B6350 Lift Jack

The Blackhack B6350 is another superb option if you are looking for a good lift jack for lifted trucks. It is constructed with highly durable material, making it the best for lifting lifted trucks and vehicles. It is made of high-quality steel, which lasts longer than other lift jacks, even if you use it in a workshop.

The most amazing thing about Blackhack B6350 is its lifting capacity which is 3.5 tons. It is capable of lifting heavy trucks and vehicles without any failure. It also comes with all necessary safety features to ensure the owner’s and his vehicle’s best safety. The safety features contain a device for preventing accidental excessive pumping.

This lift jack has a safety valve integrated into its design to avoid overloading. And its saddle ensures the perfect positioning of the jack before lifting the vehicle. Blackhawk can lift your vehicle up to 22 inches, which is good enough for pickup trucks and SUV’s. This height is good for lifting your vehicle enough that you can easily change tires and do other alterations. 

One another excellent thing about this jack is its fast pumping which saves you time. And please do not worry about twisting because it contains a side frame that prevents it from twisting and breakdown.

Pros & Cons

  • It is capable of lifting 3.5 ton
  • It comes with many safety features
  • It can lift up to 22 inch
  • It takes more storage because its handle does not fold or remove

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8. BAOSHISHAN Bottle Jack

BAOSHISHAN Bottle Jack also makes its place in this list as they are super resourceful. Everybody knows that they are slow but always prove the best vehicles, companion. Bottle jacks have a very long life span, almost they never brake. They always work when you want to use them. They can fit under cars, houses, and every heavy item that you need to lift. 

BAOSHISHAN is a tough competitor among bottle jacks as it can lift up to 24 inches. On the other hand, other bottle jacks offer an 18-inch lift. This jack is soo convenient and proves itself a perfect companion for those who like to go off-road. It can lift mostly lifted vehicles, but in order to get more height, you will need stacked pieces or cinder blocks of 2”x6”. Always remember that use at least 6 inches wide blocks for more stability.

You have to cut a set of boards that you can carry with you for additional height. Most people use plastic bags to carry these boards in their vehicles. The benefit of carrying these boards with you is that they can save you time by reducing pumping efforts. You can slide some of them under your vehicle, then place the jack, and your vehicle will lift in no time.

Additionally, this jack can lift 4 tons of weight, making it perfect for those who have after-market lift kits installed in their vehicles. And this product is a very responsible price on amazon. This jack is super stable, provides excellent lifting, and is durable enough to live longer than you. 

Pros & Cons

  • Lift upto 24 inches
  • Very long lifespan
  • It takes very small storage space
  • Strong Enough that you can lift anything with it.
  • Requires support before jacking
  • Slow pumping

9. Big Red 83006 Torin Hydraulic lift jack

Some people like low-profile trucks because they want a vehicle that is not too high from the ground. In such cases, paying close attention is important for buying a low-profile floor jack. Big Red 83600 Torin is the best choice for low-profile vehicles. You can slide this lift jack under your vehicle easily. This jack is capable of sliding under a height of 5 inches.

As the article is about a jack for lifted trucks, we need to consider that as well. This product is best for both low-profile and lifted vehicles, and it can lift high-profile vehicles up to 21 inches. And with its weight capacity of 2.7 tons, it proves itself an ideal product for lifted trucks. It is constructed with high-quality steel, making it an ideal companion for most vehicles.

Additionally, it contains two 360 degrees swivel casts and two large steel casters, which provide better and smoother movability. Its removable handle makes it easy to store in vehicles, and its 24.5-inch handle saves time when lifting higher vehicles.

Furthermore, it contains all safety features, including a safety bypass system that prevents overloading on every use. And its single piston quick lift pump allows you to lift your vehicle more quickly and effortlessly. 

Pros & Cons

  • Easily slip under low-profile vehicles
  • Lift up to 21 inches
  • 2.7-ton weight capacity
  • Made of highly durable steel
  • Include a safety bypass system that prevents from overloading
  • The long handle is not easy to store

10. Eisen Heavy Duty Hydraulic Jack for lifted Trucks

When you decide to go on a vacation with family: it is essential to prepare yourself and your vehicle as well. In some cases, you have to face mechanical and tire puncture issues during your journey, so it is important to carry a lift jack with you.

Eisen is also very well known for manufacturing lift jacks. It is made with heavy-duty steel that provides durability and stability with a weight capacity of 2.7 tons. It can lift up to 18 inches which are good enough for some basic repairs and tire changing. 

It is also equipped with all essential safety features, including a safety valve that protects it from overloading. It has a simple and robust design which is ideal enough to fit under every type of vehicle. Its two pieces handle reduces pumping efforts and lifts your vehicle in no time. And its swivel saddle and rear casters offer excellent positioning and smooth movability that reduce the cancel all risks of the vehicle falling and sliding. The saddle protects the lift from sliding as it has a rubber cushion. And the handle contains the same rubber cushion for extra safety. 

Eisen Hydraulic jack has a dual parallel pump action system that lifts your vehicle in a few pumps. It moves the saddle with double Speed. When the saddle comes into contact with the vehicle, it slows down faster than other normal lift jacks. The only drawback of this product is that it’s too heavy, which affects its portability. 

Pros & Cons

  • Can lift a 2.7-ton weight
  • Constructed with heavy-duty steel
  • 18-inch maximum lift
  • Enhance movability with rear casters and swivel saddle
  • It is too heavy and difficult to move around.

11. Arcane 3 A20002 Professional Lift Jack

As you know, everybody knows Arcane for its floor jack; if we are writing about the best floor jack, it’s only possible to make a list mentioning one Arcane model. Every vehicle owner is concerned about how important it is to place jack and your vehicle on a smooth surface for proper lifting.

But you only sometimes find smooth surfaces; in some cases, you must place the jack and vehicle on an uneven surface. In such conditions, Arcane will be useful and prove itself better than others. Its high carbon steel side plates provide increased frame strength. And makes sure when your vehicle connects with a saddle of the jack, it would not move a single inch.

When we talk about height, this jack is capable of lifting up to 19.72 inches, which makes it the highest and safer jack of all. Additionally, it can easily lift the weight up to 2.7 tons which is possible due to its well-designed alloy steel frame with wide front wheels and a rear caster. 

The only thing that makes you think before buying this jack is that it comes with only one year warranty, while the other comes with a warranty that lasts much longer.

Pros & Cons

  • Highly durable Alloy steel frame
  • Carbon steel side plates provide more frame strength
  • Can lift upto 19.72 inches
  • Can lift the weight of 2.7 ton
  • Comes with only a single-year warranty

Best Lift Jack Buying Guide


The first thing you have to see before buying a jack is its lifting height. Height is the most important feature to look after, especially when buying a lift jack for a truck or SUV. Place the jack on the point from where the height from the ground is minimum. Most suspension systems require 3-4 inch lift before the tires touch the ground. 

But most people place the jack under the vehicle’s strong points, like the frame. But those points are a little high from the ground. So, always go for the jack which provides maximum height. For normal vehicles 4 to 5-inch lift is good, but for lifted trucks and SUV’s, always go for the lift jack, which can lift up to 20 inches.

Lifting Capacity

Lifting capacity is one of the most important features to look at before buying a jack for lifted trucks. Most pickup trucks are around about 4000 to 5000 pounds, so always go for the jack able to lift up to 2.7 to 3 tons. All the lift jacks I mentioned in this list are able to lift 3 tons of weight. If you buy a jack that can not lift heavy pickup trucks or SUVs, that is useless.

Pumping Speed

Pumping Speed is another thing that the best lift jack should have. If you buy a jack that can lift heavy weight but is too slow and hard to pump, it is not good, wastes a lot of time, and requires more pumping effort.

So, always pick a jack which have double speed pump action with a removal or foldable handle. In my opinion, a fast floor jack can help you to do the repair more frequently. So, select a fast lift jack like Sunex, which is mentioned above in the list.


Many jacks in the market are made of steel and iron, and they are strong but heavy. And these materials are easily attacked by rust. So, always go for aluminum jacks which are much lighter, stronger, and rust-resistant. 

But it is very important to find all these features in one product for that you should have some good knowledge about floor jacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to lift up the front of a lifted truck?

Whether you want to lift your truck from the front or rear end of your truck, there are some important things to look after before lifting a lifted truck. First, find a perfect and safe spot to place the jack. Always go for the spot that is behind the repair area or the tire you want to change. 

Some trucks have dedicated points for lifting the truck from the front, but if not, place the jack under the frame between the front wheels.

How High Can a floor jack lift?

Lift height matters when you want to lift an off-road vehicle or SUV. Lifted trucks and SUVs are higher than standard economical cars. This automatically means that you will need a floor jack to lift your SUV or truck in the air.

What kind of jacks are used for lifted trucks?

Choosing the best jack for lifted trucks is essential, but it is not too complicated. A lifted truck is at least three to four inches taller than a standard pickup truck and quite massive. So, to pick a good jack for a lifted truck, you need to check the jack structure, lifting height, stability, and load capacity of the jack to ensure that it can handle your truck.

Can a 3-ton jack lift pickup trucks?

A 3-ton jack is enough to lift almost any passenger car, pickup truck, and SUV. Even in the worst cases where you need to lift for a bigger repair than a tire change, a lift jack supports roughly 60 to 70 percent of your vehicle weight.

For example, if your truck is 7000 pounds, you have to lift only 5000 pounds for a basic repair. Three tons is equal to 6000 pounds, so a 3-ton jack can easily lift almost every pickup truck and SUV.

What are the best spots to jack up a truck?

Placing a jack on the perfect spot to jack up a truck make your repair easy and quick, as well as ensure your and your vehicle’s safety. Finding the best spot to lift up your truck; every vehicle has its specific jack point. 

You can find the best spots for lifting your truck from the front or rear by reading the owner’s manual of your vehicle. Always go for the center point between the tires and the point behind the specific repair area. 

The best point to lift a vehicle is the specifically designed area that you know can support the vehicle’s full weight. 


After reading this comprehensive guide, buying the best jack for lifted trucks is not difficult for you. But remember all the points mentioned above before purchasing the best floor jack for lifted trucks.

Many lifted truck owners highly rate the products we mentioned above. We write this comprehensive guide after researching on the internet and asking many truck owners. So, don’t hesitate and make a purchase confidently.


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