How Long Does it Take to Rebuild a Transmission – Expert Guide

how long does it take to rebuild a transmission

Everybody knows that a transmission system performs an essential role in a vehicle. A transmission system is an essential part of a vehicle used to drive a car at a particular speed. The transmission system transfers the power from the engine to the driving shaft. Unfortunately, sometimes vehicle transmissions become faulty due to less maintenance and rough driving. And the most asked question is how long does it take to rebuild a transmission? If your vehicle transmission system gets defective, it requires a rebuild. A transmission system rebuilding involves dismantling the gearbox and rebuilding it from the first step, and most of its parts are replaced to restore it to working order. 

In this post, we go through the whole transmission rebuilding process. Rebuilding a transmission system is an in-depth process that requires a specific amount of manpower. If you want that transmission to be repaired in no time, then it may cause transmissions to not work correctly. This process involves inspecting, disassembling the transmission, cleaning it and replacing faulted parts, and then reassembling the transmission with all its soft parts, seals, clutches, gaskets, and bands. Some special kinds of tools are needed, and a specialist is also needed to do this work. 

Usually, a team of specialists works together to build a transmission at a factory. A transmission rebuild can usually take three to four days, but the period can increase if the other parts of the vehicle need to be replaced. But it does not always take three to four days, and it also depends on the model and type of the vehicle. 

And transmission rebuild can also depend on labor, and the time period may vary if the labor is well qualified to do this work. Most auto shops complete a common transmission rebuild in a few hours. So, it is wise to rebuild a transmission because it’s a more expensive option to buy a factory-manufactured transmission. But rebuilding complete transmission can take three to four days long. 

Buying a new transmission can cost you thousands of dollars, while some dealers in the market offer remanufactured vehicle transmission, which is the best option and saves money and time. 

How long does it take to rebuild a transmission?

The rebuilding time depends on the type of transmission and model of the vehicle. Rebuilding a front-wheel or rear-wheel transmission can also take up to three to four days. The rebuilding process can be the same for front-wheel transmission and rear-wheel transmission rebuilding. If both rear and front-wheel transmission is faulty, it takes longer than usual. Sometimes rebuilding only one can take the same as a whole transmission repair. 

But it is only sometimes possible for a faulty transmission to take three to four days; if your vehicle transmission does not get damaged and only a few parts need to be replaced, it can be done in 1 to 2 hours. And sometimes, the transmission gets too much damage, then most of the parts need to be replaced. Then it takes significant labor and 3 to 4 days or maybe more to rebuild the transmission. So in our opinion, buying a remanufactured transmission saves you money and time, its the best choice for those who don’t have time to rebuild the transmission. 

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The better solution

So, the better solution for faulty transmission is a remanufactured transmission. But unfortunately, rebuilding a transmission is an expensive and time-consuming process involving transmission disassembling, inspection, removing faulty parts, purchasing new parts, and reassembling the transmission in one complete unit. 

While on the other hand, a remanufactured transmission is already complete and ready to ship by the supplier, so there is no need to spend time on rebuilding. If your vehicle transmission is common, a retailer already has a remanufactured unit in stock. A remanufactured transmission takes only a few hours or a day for installation. One of the best things is that a remanufactured transmission is already tested on “dyno” to measure power, RPM, and torque to ensure the transmission works properly and meets OEM specifications.

Cost estimation to rebuild a transmission

Repairing a transmission means replacing a single part and multiple parts depending on the damage that happened. Components like solenoids and input shafts may be replaced easily and save you time and money, then complete transmission rebuild. However, if your fluid leaks, it may only replace the seals and gaskets to cover the damage. In both cases mentioned above, specific parts may be replaced under the manufacturer’s warranty.  

But the important question is, how much does it cost to rebuild a transmission? A transmission rebuild can cost from 3000$ to 4000$ depending on part, labor, and damage. But rebuilding a transmission is cheaper than buying a new one depending on your vehicle’s brand and model.

How much time does it take to rebuild a manual transmission?

A manual transmission usually takes less time to rebuild than automatic transmission. It hardly takes 1 to 2 days. Most people avoid manual transmission rebuilding because they think the manual transmission rebuild process is longer than automatic transmission. The biggest benefit is that manual transmissions are mechanically simpler.

A manual transmission rebuilding cost ranges between 1500$ to 3000$ for non-luxury automobiles because the manual transmission has fewer moving parts than automatic transmission. 


If your vehicle transmission gets faulty, buying a remanufactured transmission and installing it is best. It takes a few hours or a day to install, and its benefit is that remanufactured transmission is dyno tested, which makes it perfect. But sometimes rebuilding a transmission is also beneficial if you find the affected parts at a low cost and an auto repair shop demands less price to repair. But repairing a transmission always takes more time than remanufacturing transmission.

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